Restaurant Supply a Lifesaver for Caterer

A few years ago, I was working as a catering manager of a local historic hotel. The hotel had been in terrible condition for many years until a group of investors purchased it and began the long arduous process of renovation. They were able to get the majority of it renovated before the funding started to run out, at which time they opened for business to offset some of the costs of ownership. As a result, all of the rooms, lobby and ballroom were completely renovated, while the restaurant was still in a sorry state. Since the ballroom was booked for events, I was hired to cater, using the kitchen in its un-renovated condition. The kitchen could handle an event every week, but wasn’t ready for the business a new restaurant would bring. So, I took the job, set up shop in the kitchen and began catering every event that came through.

Shortly after the hotel reopened, things started getting very busy. In addition to being full most of the time, people were booking events right and left. I was soon catering two or more events a week, with a schedule booked months in advance. What had started as a part time job was quickly turning into double overtime. They even expanded my floor staff and hired two full time assistants for the food preparation work, which I normally handled myself.

Then, inevitably, the investors who owned the hotel decided it was time to renovate the restaurant. I was quickly told that I wouldn’t be needed anymore. They would use an outside caterer who could bring food in. I really didn’t want the business to end, and while commiserating over its inevitable demise with one of my staff members, he suggested I contact a restaurant supply company just to see what it would cost to set up shop on my own.

This turned out to be one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made. My restaurant supply dealer practically guided me through what I would need and how I should go about setting up my equipment to maximize the amount of food I could produce. He was able to not only recommended the best equipment for my situation, but also gave me several tips on how I could save money and steered me away from some of the unnecessary equipment I thought I had to have. I don’t think I would have even considered starting the business from scratch without his advice, considering my limited budget and lack of location.

As you might have guessed, I decided to take the risk and give it a try. It’s now two years later and business is booming. I still thank my restaurant supply dealer every time I talk to him, because without his knowledge, I might never have taken the chance on myself and my business.

Food and Snack Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Party

When it comes to any party, including a Thanksgiving party, food and snacks are important. That is why you may be trying to decide which food and snacks, you should have at your next Thanksgiving party. As you will likely see, you have an unlimited number of different options.

Before you can begin to examine popular food and snack ideas, it may be a good idea to examine the focus of your Thanksgiving party. This may make it easier for you to decide on a particular food or snack. In most cases, you will want to try and tailor your food to the type of party that you are having. For instance, if you planning a kids’ only Thanksgiving party, it may be a good idea to have a collection of finger foods or other age appropriate snacks on hand. In addition to ensuring that your guests will enjoy your food, choosing the right type of food and snacks may make it easier for you to plan for and prepare for your Thanksgiving party.

As previously mentioned, if you are having a kid only Thanksgiving party, it may be a good idea to have kid friendly snacks on hand. These snacks may include chips, pretzels, cheese and crackers, pudding, or a veggie tray, and so on. If you are planning on having an all ages Thanksgiving party, a party where both adults and children will be present, it may be ideal to have a collection of common foods on hand; foods that will likely appeal to all ages. These snacks, as mentioned above, many include cookies, cheese and crackers, and vegetable snacks.

If you have decided on a formal Thanksgiving party, you will likely want to your party snacks to mirror the theme of you party. This means that you may want to purchase or make more elegant party snacks. These types of party snacks typically include vegetable trays and seafood. In addition to snacks, there is also a good chance that your formal Thanksgiving party will include a formal Thanksgiving dinner. If this is the case, you will need to purchase more than just snacks. You will need to purchase the main course, such as a turkey, as well as side dishes, which may include potatoes, cranberries, and a salad.

It is also important to examine the drinks that you will have at your Thanksgiving party. You will need to decide right away whether or not you want to serve alcohol at your Thanksgiving party. If you are hosting a causal Thanksgiving party or a formal Thanksgiving party, where adults will be present, alcoholic beverage may be ideal. Despite the fact that many party guests expect to see alcohol at a party, you do not have to serve alcohol if you do not want to; the decision is yours to make.

Although it is important to examine the types of foods, snacks, and drinks you would like to have at your Thanksgiving party, it may also be a good idea to examine when and where you will buy your items. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, you will find that many retail stores, namely grocery stores, place popular Thanksgiving food and snacks on sale. Waiting until this time to purchase you party food, snacks, and drinks may make it so you have can everything that you want, but at an affordable price.

The Perfect Teen Party

What is the difference between a teen party and a really great teen party? It probably is not something major, unless of course you have forgotten entirely to provide food! The secret to making any teen party perfect is in a few small details that most people do not consider.

First, as the name suggests, a teen party is for teens. It is surprising how many teen parties turn sour because they are not suitable for teens at all. Consider the teens that you are throwing a party for. Think about their personalities and the things they like to do. Chances are that a teen party will be better if you plan a party that teens will be excited to come to. Do not host a teen party planning to show multiple movies to teens that are too active to sit still for an hour. Plan a teen party filled with fun and unique activities that will offer a variety of options but keep everyone happily busy.

Second, no teen party will be memorable without the perfect menu. Everyone knows that teens love to eat, so there is no way to throw a perfect teen party without taking food into serious consideration. Depending on what time your party is going to take place you may or may not have to provide an entire meal to your guests. Perhaps snack foods and finger foods will do the trick. Whatever kinds of food you decide on, be sure that you offer a variety to choose from. Some teens will prefer pepperoni pizza while others would never dream of eating a slice. Have healthy and not-so-healthy options and you will probably be safe. Try to come up with creative food options and you will really have a teen party to talk about. Make icy fruit drinks in a blender and the teens will love feeling a little more grown up.

A third important thing to remember when preparing a teen party is location. Since most teen parties are held in homes it could be fun to plan your teen party at a local park. Teens will enjoy the change and will probably love being outside. If you decide on an outdoor party you will be able to come up with suitable activities quickly and you will even be able to consider outdoor food as well. You can also choose to hold a great teen party at a special location to the teens like a local coffee shop or skate rink.

Remember that any teen party can be special when you keep it focused on teens, filled with food and in a special location. Enjoy planning!

A Good Look At The Advantages Of Getting A Specialised Corporate Catering Service

Are you looking to hire catering companies in Sydney to help with There are all sorts of reasons that corporations have conferences and social events. In some cases, you do them for customers, often for employees, and others for a variety of company business needs. If you are reading this, then you are probably looking to do the same.

When you are organising a conference in the office or any important business event, the last thing you need is for something to fail with your arrangements that will diminish the functions of the occasion. Hiring specialised corporate caterers in Sydney enables you to get the distinguished, professional catering services you need so that food and drink choices add to, rather than detract from, your company conferences.

What to look out for?

One of the most straightforward methods of acknowledging the proficiency of a business caterer is by the professionalism with which the company conducts itself when you meet its representatives to discuss your alternatives. Specialized corporate catering services will ensure that food is served in a sophisticated, functional way. The menu will be set out on tables for your associates and guests to enjoy inning accordance with the strategy. While a corporate caterer can quickly manage dozens to hundreds of guests, small outfits will struggle to offer the very same type of smooth services, complete with hot food that is prepared upon demand to that numerous guests.

A typical error made by those preparing corporate occasions for the first time is aiming to do the food preparation themselves or trying to save loan by placing a large order for food at a restaurant. While many dining establishments, if they are informed well ahead of time, can produce the food you require, not all of it will be fresh, and you might, in fact, wind up paying more. Plus, you will have other services to spend for, like food clean-up. Someone will likewise have to take care of all of the guests’ food and service requirements. Even just setting the places for numerous visitors can take hours, let alone trying to keep the area clean as your visitors attempt to enjoy the conference.

In the end, the advantages of specialised business catering will be very obvious to anyone who has aimed to do business events with and without such catering services. Nevertheless, there is no requirement for you to experience it the hard way. Search and get quotes on complete corporate catering services for your conferences. Get a feel for the level of professionalism offered by each business. You will be much more unwinded and at peace when you understand you have put things in expert hands.