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Our Story

Martins Seafood was founded in 1978 by Martin Palmer, supplying seafood to only the very best. 


Grown by word of mouth with no sales reps on the road, Martins Seafoods “reps” are its customers who know our quality.


Martins Seafood was purchased in 2019 by Steve Costi, a name ubiquitous with quality seafood in Australia. Martins core beliefs are continued to this day, the best quality seafood for those who need it. 



We service restaurants, hotels, clubs & pubs through Sydney, Newcastle & Canberra, six days week.

We intrinsically understand hospitality and the pressures the industry faces.  We are experts in portion control, giving you precise tools to manage your GP% whilst freeing up your labour cost.

With decades of experience our team is here to guide you though the best options for your menu, selected by seasonality, budget, cooking method, Martins works with you to ensure you have the right product on your plate.


We work with micro producers to large scale fishing operations and have built a intrinsic network of ​produce and producers that ensures we can offer our clients the best seafood available. We champion the best, no matter what species, each is selected and chosen based on seasonality, catch method, conditional & provenance.  We air freight to ensure optimal freshness with product from New Zealand such as Ora King, Mount cook , while closer to home Walkers Tuna, Hiramasa Kingfish, Scarlet Prawns, Aquana Murry Cod, Skull Island Prawns make up just a few of the products we champion.

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